It's 2022 but judging by the setting, the drinks, the guests and our host you wouldn't know it. 

Like a conductor controls the tides of music through the ebb and flood of strings, our muse is in the driver's seat again. Everyone is casual and settled in for another good one. 

The setting is relaxed as the five of us watch another sunset fade into a vacuum. The veranda overlooking this stretch of the Mexican coastline has seen many like him before. Skipping from story to story, drink to drink and laugh to laugh, he has us all hooked. A personality so big that two human vessels wouldn't be sufficient stowage, yet intimate enough to make everyone feel that they belong there at that moment. We're familiar with these types of people. He's the Paul Newman, the Dean Martin and the Errol Flynn; the professors of party. The savants of style. Those green flashes of gentlemen that lay victim to time and modernity.

However, there is an effortlessness to it all. A naturalness to it that only few are so blessed to be born with. Yet we all strive to have it just as much as the gold in the ground or girl in the crowd. It's an insatiable lust for moments where for an instance everything is in it's right place.

If it could all be manufactured and sold in your corner store, trust us, we'd be buying the entire lot. But the good things aren't so simple. They have to be stocked like prey. Acquiring them is the sum of smaller moments that lead to the strike, capture and feast. Dandy Del Mar is that sum of smaller parts. By meticulously combining the pieces the past has painted, we strive to revive the art of leisure.



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