Dandy Del Mar embodies the essence of the worldly bon vivants, the jet-setting nomads, the purveyors of pristine beaches. You might encounter them lounging poolside somewhere close to the equator, or hosting at their villa on the Mediterranean. Still, they are elusive. What we do know is that they are gliding in a timeless and effortless style. At Dandy Del Mar, we’ve synthesized the vintage daydream aesthetic with the contemporary comfort, function and durability you seek. By meticulously combining the finer pieces painted by the Dandies of the past, we are reviving, and refining, the Art of Leisure.


Environmentally Conscious Practices. Operating from a coastal home base, the minimization of our environmental impact is essential to the brand. We consistently aim to produce all of our garments through fair wage production, using the latest sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques. In addition to a conscious approach to production, all of Dandy’s packing materials are biodegradable and shipments are certified carbon-neutral through our partnership with Route and the Brazil Agroforestry Project, planting trees to offset the carbon emissions of every package.


Cinco For The Sea.  At Dandy Del Mar, translation – “Dandy of the Sea”, we are constant admirers of the ocean and all it has to offer. As seen on our tags, 5% of all proceeds are donated to Oceana, an ocean advocacy group who is dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale.