There are few things that compare to a page-turner that transports you to another place. We decided to include a list of our favorites that, for whatever reason, have stood out to us over the years.
Grab a copy, stretch out, and dive in.
The Pearl
By John Steinbeck
A novella, The Pearl follows the story of a poor Mexican pearl diver who finds the largest pearl known to man. With such rarity, he is soon confronting issues of greed, morality, and societal norms. 
The Rum Diary
By Hunter S. Thompson
The Rum Diary is Hunter S. Thompson's earliest published novel and set in 1960's San Juan, Puerto Rico. Journalist Paul Kemp shows up on the island scene from New York to report for the local news publication and gets caught up in a hurricane of labor strikes, local politics, love, and psychedelics.
A World to the West
By Maurice Claughley
The account of a circumnavigation on a small sailboat by a young couple in the 1960s. An adventure novel, to say the least, that takes you to ancient islands in the Mediterranean, the deserts of Africa, and deserted atolls in the South Pacific. A real lesson in the age-old wisdom of "less is more". 

By Kurt Vonnegut
A small group of people becomes shipwrecked and amidst a global financial crisis, they are left solely responsible to carry on the human gene pool, and thus the evolutionary clock is reset where Charles Darwin found it. The result is a close inspection of the human condition, all that is wrong with it, and all that is worth saving. 

Dirty Havana Trilogy
By Pedro Juan Gutierrez
Pedro Juan is a Cuban journalist living on the once beautiful but now crumbling Havana waterfront after the Soviet aid has long since run out. Living in the shadow of hunger, Dirty Havana Trilogy takes you on Pedro Juan's search for a little bit of food, rum, weed, and sex. NSFW

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