Everyone dreams of sipping on a spritzer overlooking the Amalfi Coast in August and having that romantic vacation that parallels a 1960s Italian film. If you haven't yet, stop reading and check your pulse as you may not be alive. Having gone through great lengths to achieve said dream and having the time of my life, here are few things I learned along the way that would only have further enhanced those experiences.

1. Timing is Everything

After traveling to many vacation destinations I've learned that timing is everything. Try and book that ticket for as close to the shoulder of the peak season as you can. Right on the nose of peak season, it's going to be much more expensive and overrun with tourists where as too far off the peak season and you risk missing the magic of the place. 

2. Set a budget and double it

You've booked the trip, slept in an uncomfortable seat in the sky and now you're finally there. Double your daily budget so anything you want to eat, drink or do is obtainable. You don't have to spend it all everyday but there's nothing worse than using the word "can't" in beautiful places. 

3. Leisure loves company

I understand the mentality of a rogue and how much its emphasized that it's cool being independent and self sufficient. But it's important to distinguish the difference between "traveling" and "vacation". For the latter, always go with someone. Whether it's your partner, sibling or friend, you have to have someone to clank glasses with at the end of the day and say "screw it, we're on vacation". 


Photo: Slim Aarons

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